You asked for it! Or maybe you didn’t? Here are some Seldom Asked Questions.  

Are your puzzles edible?

It’s a great question. No, they are not. 

What puts you in a puzzling mood?

Honestly, what doesn’t? When in doubt, harsh lighting, aggressive tunes, and a whole lot of elbow room usually do the trick. 

Do puzzles make you smarter?


How do you know?

We do a lot of puzzles, so...   

I saw your puzzle in the pool. Do your puzzles swim?

You know what? It turns out they’re terrible swimmers. 

Who’s behind the Different Puzzles brand?

We’re just three ordinary puzzle freaks. Like you, perhaps?

What are your hopes and dreams?

That you enjoy our puzzles. Really!

Why did the puzzle cross the road?

To find its missing piece. 

Are we there yet?

Not quite, hang in there puzzler.

If you stacked all of the puzzle pieces in the world on top of each other one by one, would they reach the moon?

There’s only one way to find out for sure.

Can your puzzles be mixed together?

Absolutely! You’ll then need to separate out the pieces again. 

Do you think Justin Bieber does puzzles?

100%. Right?

Is it okay to dry clean your puzzles?


What temperature should I keep your puzzles at?

We recommend room temperature.