Behold! The Tulip Twister

A 500-piece puzzle beyond your wildest dreams. Filled with refined sugar highs and stomach-in-mouth delight, you’ll find yourself chanting “one more time!” before it’s even over.

Let Me Ride the Twister

Look out!

Our puzzles are designed to keep you guessing until the last piece is in place. When it all comes together, the final puzzle doesn't quite match what's on the box. Tricky? Perhaps. We prefer to call it different 👀

Show me the puzz

Well, that's different

Our first collection is like a leaf blower to the's that good.


We're a puzzle company that's outside of the box

...except for the puzzle box.

To be totally clear: our puzzles come in boxes. We’re just saying we're not in the *metaphorical* box. Heck, some might even say we're different.

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