Puzzles that keep you guessing until the very last piece ~
puzzles that puzzle

Do a Double Take

When it all comes together, the final puzzle doesn't quite match what's on the box.

Tricky? Perhaps.

We prefer to call it different 👀

1,000 and 500-piece puzzles

Circus penguins, gambling pooches, cocktail-loving poultry... what's not to like!

Puzzles that are puzzling because they're different ~

Like I'm part of a secret club

Puzzlers like to talk to other puzzlers about what they are working on. Doing Different Puzzles makes me feel like I’m part of a secret club, one I like to share with my friends!

Extremely adorable

Absolutely loved these puzzles. If the idea of big differences scares you, you need not worry. The differences are small and extremely adorable.


The box!! The pieces!! …I simply LOVED everything about this puzzle. I’m looking forward to sharing it with my family full of musical mycophiles - and to getting my paws on every other @differentpuzzles in existence!!

The Diff Puzz Difference

  • Made in the USA
  • From 100% Recycled Cardboard
  • With Soft Touch Coating
  • Featuring Original Illustration

As seen in

You made it to the bottom ~