About Different Puzzles

Fish Eye

We're puzzle people

Let’s be real, puzzling is a mental and physical journey. Things usually start off pretty chill—there’s all that dopamine (“I found the corner!”) and you’re riding high. The border is done. You’re freaking Unstoppable. But at some point you’re bound to get buried in a large section of blue sky or a sandy dune or even a horse’s backside, and freak the eff out. 

Unless you’re a puzzle genius and, in that case, respect. 

So, what's so different?

We’ve designed our puzzles to be fun. Yeah, we’ve always been pretty ambitious. Fun how, you ask? We combine textures, genres, the ordinary and the bizarre to create a world you could get down with, at least for a little while. We’ve also hidden a surprise or two, but don’t tell anyone

Can we guarantee you won’t get stuck in a horse’s backside? Yes, because we don’t currently have any horse butt puzzles (never say never). But we can’t guarantee it’ll be easy—pain is gain, my friends! If all goes according to plan, you’ll actually enjoy yourself, in which case, you’ll be experiencing what we refer to as a Puzz Buzz. 

Listen, we don’t make the rules, we just make puzzles so we can enforce them.